Beta Test

The current test is of the drawing system, not the coding system.

Suggestions for beta testers:

1) Check signing in and out.

2) Do each of the exercises in the tutorial.

3) When signed in, make a diagram (as simple as you like - just a few circles for example) and then save it. Also save it as svg. In doing so, you will be using PrototypeJungle's file explorer. Try other operations : open, create folder, delete.

4) Make this diagram from scratch:

Make sure that the two paths to the dreamer are clones (that is, that the two text items "True Dream", "False Dream" are clones - as are the top and bottom arrow, and top and bottom "Gates of .." text items). Save the diagram.

5) Try connecting different kinds shapes to each other in as many combinations as you can stand (eg shaded circle to lozenge text box, etc), using all kinds of connectors. Move the connected shapes around, and make sure the connectors follow. Save results.

6) Try other things, any other things.

These kinds of reports will be useful: 1) Bugs encountered (of course). 2) Points of confusion or difficulty: a) in functionality b) in documentation.

Please send reports and questions to Thanks very much!!