An open catalog of adjustable visual elements based on deep prototypes. ()

Here's how to make a diagram from catalog elements, and here's an introduction to our prototype realm.

"Open" means that any JavaScript programmer can implement new UI-adjustable visual elements and diagram types for use by non-coders. (Programmatic construction of diagrams is also an option) If so desired, these components can be shared via the open catalog. Have a look at the coding environment.

PrototypeJungle is currently in beta test, but this site is live in a restricted version. The documentation is mostly complete, and you can make diagrams and write and test code. However the restriction is significant: signing in and saving work is not yet possible. If you'd like to join the beta test, please contact

This is the beta test version of the site. This page has suggestions of things to try for the test.


Technology: A deep prototype is a new variety of JavaScript component which retains its structure of prototypical inheritance when saved. A diagram, so represented, uses prototypical inheritance in its replication of elements. Deep prototypes enable an effective and uniform scheme for the treatment of diagrams via API and UI. All PrototypeJungle code is open source.