Diagrams Built From Prototype Trees

Make a diagram now: via "automation" , ,by hand (network) , or via coding.

Code-built diagrams can be adjusted and extended in the UI. Here is a simple example and here is the code which implements it, with explanation.

Technology: A prototype tree is a new variety of JavaScript component which retains its structure of prototypical inheritance when saved. Prototype trees enable a flexible and uniform scheme for the treatment of diagrams via API and UI. Here is a programmer's introduction, and here's the UI which provides access to everyone else.

An open platform: PrototypeJungle includes a cloud coding environment in which JavaScript programmers can implement new UI-adjustable visual elements and diagram types for use by non-coders. If so desired, these components can be shared via the global catalog. All PrototypeJungle code is open source, but, given the coding environment, you don't need to fork this code to write JavaScript for your own diagrams.

Note: experimentation - making diagrams and writing and testing code - is possible without signing in. Signing in is needed to save your work.